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~ The 'conviction' of Ken Atherton by Magistrate Robert Pearce ~
The 'conviction' of Magistrate Pearce by Judge Terence

~ Introduction ~

In the 'Action' No: M/2011/3270 of the Launceston Magistrates Court on 19th December 2011

I Kenneth John Atherton state that since Magistrate Pearce 'found' in favour of the Northern Midlands Council (NMC) that:

I BELIEVE that it is my duty to God and my fellow man/woman to awaken the conscience of mankind so that they do not err or stray further INTO the darkness due either to their own ignorance or a failure on my part to do my utmost to enlighten their consciousness.

To ensure I do my utmost to awaken all I am utilizing this open letter to the presiding Magistrate in this matter, Magistrate Pearce, a response which was written by the mortal man Terence whom I believe is the Spirit of Truth, God's Plenipotentiary, to assist all readers. This response is also on line on my web site

Since Magistrate Pearce has 'found' in favour of the local Council I am now at the 'mercy' of the Council staff as concerns their intent to extract money which they 'claim' is their TAX due.

Judge Malaher's personal secretary was present at the 'hearing' and listened to the events as they took place, events that are also available to the public as an audio voice transcript record of the court proceedings.

From reading the following 'judgement' of Magistrate Pearce by Judge Terence it is obvious that I do have the necessary 'grounds' for an Appeal, but I have decided not to take that course of action because that avenue has been sought by me before and the outcome then was 'similar' to this one in that Judge Crawford of the Supreme Court of Launceston, Tasmania was equally ignorant of the rights granted to members of the community as set out within the Australian Constitution and God, and I now submit the following attestation by Terence to the general public for their own consideration and 'judgement.'

~ The following is the 'judgement' placed upon Magistrate Pearce by Judge Terence ~

Magistrate Pearce is proven to be a despotic dictator. How and why? Because he is dictating the terms and conditions of Religious ideological beliefs that he says must be conformed with by Kenneth Atherton and, if Kenneth Atherton fails to conform to Pearce's interpretation then he will be dispossessed of his property by Council. Kenneth Atherton will also be disadvantaged by this punishment and more for non-conformity to Council demands because, those 'demands' have been 'confirmed' as legal because they have been validated by Magistrate Pearce given his 'finding for Council.'

The 'magisterial' Dictate from this finding means that Kenneth Atherton cannot live in peace according to his belief because he is 'told' that he must live according to the belief of Magistrate Pearce or suffer the consequence. It follows that if he fails to adhere to and therefore 'practice' according to Magistrate Pearce's religious belief then Kenneth Atherton is to be 'victimised' and punished by Council.

It is to be seen within this 'judgement' that Magistrate Pearce clearly believes that his belief supersedes that of Kenneth Atherton and, as a consequence of said belief Pearce's 'decision' found in favour of the NM Council. In summary Magistrate Pearce failed to see that his 'finding' was based upon the imposition of his belief and this is of itself in contravention of the Australian Constitutional LAW, refer below:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - -

AND - is a contravention of the Tasmania Constitutional LAW, refer below:

Constitution Act 1934 (TAS)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Magistrate Pearce entered the courtroom having already reached a decision as to the legal determination in the matter of The Northern Midlands Council (Represented by Mrs. M. Bricknell) v/s Mr. Ken Atherton representing himself.  The proof of Magistrate Pearce having reached a conclusion prior to the hearing can be found in the CD recording transcript of this case but in summary consists of the following points:

1 - Magistrate Pearce spent the majority of court time given to this 'Action' in ensuring that the NMC case was absolutely water-tight and strictly in accordance with the 'Letter of the State Law' as interpreted by him.

2 - Every detail relating to Council By-Laws, the Local Council Act and matters of procedure relating to the distribution of rates notices was painstakingly drawn out. Equally, matters relating to past fines and accrued interest for failure to pay rates and penalties to be applied on non-compliance was also accorded minute scrutiny by Magistrate Pearce.

3 - No stone was left 'unturned' to have the court records show the absolute 'correctness' of the processes and procedures by which the NMC had 'rightly and justly' brought this matter to the court and, as a consequence, Magistrate Pearce allocated considerable and due diligence to the claims of the NMC.

4 - This was further evidenced in both a lack of time and due consideration being given to the reading of Mr. Atherton's defense when that written defense was presented to Magistrate Pearce for his consideration and deliberation upon the case.

5 - When handed Mr. Atherton's written defense to read, a task that which would have required at a minimum 25 minutes let alone 'assess' in order to give due diligence to the making of a fair judgment, Magistrate Pearce merely 'flicked' through the 20 plus pages allocating a recorded 7 minutes maximum time, thereby giving no 'credence' or regard to Mr. Atherton's defense, seeing not that his merciless disregard for another human being could result in their eviction, loss of business, mental emotional trauma and more.

6 - Magistrate Pearce paid lip service to Mr. Atherton's sincerity and his right to Freedom of Religion beliefs but he did not deign to address the very substantial case presented by Mr. Atherton as regards his rights within the Freedom of Religion Acts under the Australian and Tasmania Constitutions.

7 - K. A's  total defense rested upon his rights under the Constitutional Freedom of Religion Acts as set out in the Australian and Tasmania Constitutions, the failure to address these matters in depth highlights the disregard for Mr. Atherton's rights in Magistrate Pearce's court.

8 - Magistrate Pearce was/is totally unaware of the 'validity' of the Legal rights of the individual as contained within the 'Freedom of Religion' Clause of the Constitution of Tasmania and the Commonwealth. He remains 'blind' to the fact that State 'laws' to which he refers are subject to and subservient to both the Tasmanian and Australian Constitutions.

9 - Magistrate Pearce was/is totally unaware of the "Responsibility of Magistrates." (Extract from: 23.1 Reference the role the courts play in Australian governance. The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament

  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament

  • ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

10 - Had he availed himself of all the information provided by Mr. Atherton's defense he would have been able to fulfil his obligations under the Law as it pertains to Australia's system of courts. Further, had Magistrate Pearce paid 'due diligence' to the defense presented to him he would have been informed on matters relating to the "Freedom of Religion" clause contained in the Constitution in this case. Had Magistrate Pearce entered the court without bias, he would have obtained all the information available to make an honest, and in this case, a non-prejudicial judgment.

11 - Magistrate Pearce also failed to do his duty as required by the Australian Constitution,  a duty whereby it is incumbent upon him under the legal system which he serves to 'check' whether the State Act under which K. A. was being charged was in conflict with the Acts of the Tasmanian and Australian Constitution. In this matter the State Act was clearly in conflict with the Tasmanian and Australian Constitutions and had the Magistrate  done his duty, he would have dismissed the case on the basis of the defense as submitted.

12 - Magistrate Pearce was/is totally unaware that his erroneous 'judgement' would continue to mislead the plaintiff since his ruling has given the NMC the  'licence' to continue on in the 'persecution' of peaceful community members who for one reason or another do not conform with the beliefs of officials of the State, the Courts, the Magistrate and others.

13 - Magistrate Pearce failed to see that his own BELIEF was/is error, being: That he believes that the defendant does not have the right to believe in his absolute right under the legal judgment of the Constitution that he can live according to God's Command, his conscience and his religious ideology of PEACE in not funding contra warring, intrusive, controlling and punitive institutions.

14 - He also failed to see that the Constitution strictly prohibits that a person be punished for failing to 'bow' to the 'contra' beliefs of State Institutions or of other mortal men.

15 - The 'Rates TAX' revenue raising demand within the State Local Government Act 1993 as applied in this case is overruled by the 'Freedom of Religion' Act within the Constitution because the demand is based upon a TAX rather than any non-payment for the provision of any service. Again, this is not a 'legal' matter Magistrate Pearce sought to address that is at the 'core' of the defense, the LAW, and the TRUTH.

16 - The belief system of the State rules is predicated upon a 'belief' that ones 'freedom to live' unhindered is contingent upon payment of an annual fee based upon a valuation that is placed on 'freehold title' land. The demand of an annual 'rate tax' is simply a 'political' edict and has no bearing upon the fact that the 'levy' is actually an annual TAX. (Reference below)

Local Government Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2011

86A. General principles in relation to making or varying rates.
(1) A council, in adopting policies and making decisions concerning the making or varying of rates, must take into account the principles that:
(a) Rates constitute taxation for the purposes of local government, rather than a fee for a service and;
(b) The value of rateable land is an indicator of the capacity of the ratepayer in respect of that land to pay rates.

17 - The issue at stake is whether or not a person who believes in absolute PEACE at all times and in all situations is required, by law, to make such a 'Tax' contribution to state coffers or not. Taking into account the defendant's ideological belief he must not fund any person or 'institution' that is proven to have a conflicting ideological belief, and it is clear that he has (should have) the protection of the Sovereign Power within the 'Freedom of Religion' Act of the Constitution, and any person denying that is in grave error of judgement.

18 - In this instance Magistrate Pearce failed to see that his 'judgement' in favour of Council 'demands,' with the accompanying consequential punishment imposed, is a coercive attempt to force the defendant to change his religious ideological belief by forcing him to fund an institution that has the proven CONTRA belief to the one 'Ken' holds, namely: - - -

19 - Being the belief of State officials in their RIGHT to override the beliefs of others and to use force to control, subjugate, tax, punish, disadvantage, banish and evict and thereby destroy the life and livelihood of any of their 'victims.' This act of 'coercion' is of itself a contravention of the Freedom of Religion protection Act.

20 - Magistrate Pearce, through this action, failed to see that it was/is in absolute contravention of God's Command and in absolute contravention of and in conflict with the 'Freedom of religion' Clauses of the Constitution of Tasmania and the Commonwealth. In this instance he showed contempt for the Law of the Land as determined by the Constitution and God.

21 - I reiterate what is stated above namely, that Magistrate Pearce does not know the 'tools of his trade' being THE LAW. This is evidenced by the fact that he remains ignorant of the truth that within the terms and conditions of the Constitution that the Magistrate is REQUIRED to ensure that his 'judgement' is only finalised when he HAS 'checked' the case against the Constitutional Authority and that his ruling is then not in conflict with the Constitutional LAW.

22 - Magistrate Peace has not only erred in Law, but he has avoided using the Law without seeing the terrible consequences unto others and EQUALLY unto himself within God's LAW.

23 - The CD voice record of the hearing proves that Magistrate Pearce did not read through the defense papers and give its content due consideration (note the time on CD recording between presentation of the defense and judgments made) and, as he had obviously made up his mind reference his judgement, it could be said that he did in fact collude with the intent of council staff as to the outcome.

In so doing he has  enabled the NMC to continue with their extortion because by his backing their claim he has facilitated said Council to maintain their capacity to fill State coffers. This 'judgement' we will leave to God, for only He sees all and knows all.

24 - From the 'verbatim' transcript given at the end of this document there are four major points stated by the Magistrate during his 'summing up' that indicate the error and irrationality of his decision, and I give them here with my responses:

25 - Magistrate Pearce stated; He is not charged with any offence, his defence refers to being not guilty or such a concept doesn't arise in this case.

Judge Terence responds: He is in error, for K. A. is 'charged' with failing to conform with the demands of Council, thus as the Magistrate finds 'for' Council, K. A. is deemed 'guilty' and will be evicted and dispossessed and sold up, which is the 'threat' from Council officials who simply brought the case to Magistrate Pearce to 'rubber stamp' their intended deed.

26 - Magistrate Pearce stated; Mr. Atherton does of course have the right of religious freedom as he correctly points out in his submission is a fundamental right of all citizens of Australia. But as a citizen of Australia, as a resident of Tasmania and a land owner in the municipality of the NMC, he has never the less, an obligation to comply with the legal obligations lawfully imposed on him by the State of Tasmania and by indeed, the Commonwealth.

Judge Terence responds: As Magistrate Pearce states and acknowledges with CERTAINTY that K. A. has the right of religious freedom being the fundamental RIGHT of every person on the land, it is the Magistrate who has the LEGAL OBLIGATION to set him free within the Acts of the Tasmania & Australia Constitutional LAW that clearly override State rules. It follows that the 'verdict' is UNLAWFULLY imposed.

27 - Magistrate Pearce stated; The obligation to pay rates which is imposed under the Local government Act does not, in my view, infringe on his freedom of religion and the matters raised in his submission do not give rise to a defence to a claim for rates made under the Local Government Act.

Judge Terence responds: In this statement it is obvious that the Magistrate did not read the K. A. defense submission for if he had, he would have realised that payment of rates (Tax) does infringe upon the religious doctrinal belief of K. A.

28 - Magistrate Pearce stated; I have no doubt that Mr. Atherton is genuine in his view. I make no criticism of him for his view. He is entitled to and free to hold whatever religious views that he wishes to hold, but in my view, the right to do so is not infringed by the obligation to pay rates under the Local Government Act.

Judge Terence responds: In paragraph 28 above it is quite clear that by the words < but in my view, > that:

A - The Magistrate is in conflict with his own statement particularly in relation to his words <
He is entitled to and free to hold whatever religious views that he wishes to hold, > These words are are in direct conflict with his next statement < is not infringed by the obligation to pay rates > For something to be "NOT infringed by" means to "not to act contrary to - not to violate a law or an oath etc."

If the ruling is that Ken is deemed by Pearce to be "Entitled to hold whatever religious views he wishes" then those religious views are indeed "Infringed" upon by Magistrate Pearce in his findings for the NMC.

For by that ruling Magistrate Pearce is in fact saying that, while K. A. is under the law in his court, legally entitled to believe whatever he wants to under the Freedom of Religion Clause in the Constitution, he Magistrate Pearce simultaneously holds a contrary belief, namely that there is in this case "An exception' to the rule."!

By stating that Ken, in this case, is refused the right to hold to his religious belief because Magistrate Pearce has decided Ken's religious belief is "Not 'infringed upon' by paying tax." Pearce clearly brings into a supposedly 'non-prejudicial' court his own 'prejudices' as they stem from his own system of belief.

In his defense Ken has clearly stated all the reasons why in paying this "tax" it is in fact a lived reality, being a direct infringement of God's Command because said 'tax' is utilized for the purposes of prosecuting and persecuting God's children.  That is Ken's lived religious belief based on the Command of God which clearly states that all of us are required to turn the other cheek and not to retaliate as we go our way in peace.   

By ignoring everything set out in in Ken's defense and allocating little time to reading same during the hearing, Pearce makes his Legal decision upon the basis of his own personal 'belief' as evidenced from his statement that Ken's right to practice his religion freely is "not infringed upon by the obligation to pay rates."

In bringing  down a sentence against Ken that will enable his punishment by Council, Magistrate Pearce is in direct contravention of, and in violation by infringement, of his own Law, since it is CLEAR that the payment of Tax to an opposing ideological belief system IS an 'infringement' upon Ken Atherton's belief.

B - The Magistrate is of the belief that due to his personal view (belief) being that he can override and simply ignore the Constitutional Law as well as the ideological belief of others namely Ken Atherton.

This shows that the Magistrate is absolutely 'unconscionable' and treasonable to the point that - - - due to his personal belief - - - he is prepared to disregard the Law of the land that he is paid to uphold, - - - as well as disregarding the BELIEF'S and the RIGHT'S of the peaceful and, literally 'throw' them to the waiting wolves to be cast out and 'devoured.' 

It is quite clear to me that Magistrate Pearce exceeded the mandate granted unto him by the Constitutional Authority of the State and Commonwealth Constitutions. In so doing it follows that he is guilty of Treason against the Sovereign Power.

29 - Let it be clearly understood that by his judgement, Magistrate Pearce is setting yet another 'precedent' whereby his ruling opposes the 'Freedom of Religion' Act/clause.

30 - Further let it be known that his ruling  also misdirects the plaintiff since it gives her (Mrs. Bricknell for Council) and others the false belief in their presumed legal 'right' to seize property which does not belong to 'them.' 

31 - By this 'directive' the Magistrate is also stating that even if citizens of the land are living by God's Code of Conduct policy, that of peace under all circumstances, and are also living in conformity with the LAW of the Constitution, that they will still be forced to pay rates TAXES to the officials who hold the 'contra' warlike belief of their organisation.

32 - Let it be clearly understood that the 'judgement' of magistrate Pearce is but a 'directive' given by his hand to the 'plaintiff' Maree Bricknell of the NM Council stating that the Council 'staff' are, by his 'authority,' now permitted to take (backed by force) whatever punitive action that they wish to take in order to seize funds from the defendant K. Atherton and his family.

33 - It is also 'noted' that this 'case' is presented in the names of the "Mayor, Councillors and Electors of the Northern Midlands Council," whereas this is not factual, for the case is brought by the personal 'hand' of an employee Mrs. Marie Bricknell who fails to comprehend that it is directly through her personal ACTIONS that Mr. Atherton and his family members have been, still are and may continue to so be CRUCIFIED, assisted by the 'irreverent' actions of Magistrate Pearce.

34 - The 'listed plaintiffs' as stated on the 'claims' by Council are false and error. The truth of the matter is that the factual plaintiff is Mrs. Maree Bricknell an employee of the Council and not any other member of the community.  

35 - It is the time to see that within The Law - and THE LAW of God - everyone is 'personally' accountable for every one of their  personal actions.

36 - No doubt precedents are in place for 'officials' to hide behind the 'names' or 'facade' of operating in the name of and on behalf of those they TAX, but it is my pen to set that error aside now for 'each' one of us, personally and individually,  is to be found responsible by God for the results of their actions. This is applicable to each individually irrespective of any 'official' status or standing because hiding behind the 'badge of office' is invalid in the eyes of God.

37 - The magistrate erred when he failed to ascertain whether one, or any members of the community individually, were aware that their name was evoked as being a part of this 'claim.'  Further, were members of the community aware of the spiritual consequence of having their names on the 'claim' because, if any ONE was not, then the 'case' should have been thrown OUT since each individual had not been afforded the opportunity to state whether or not they agreed with being complicit in the case against Mr. Atherton.

38 - Magistrate Pearce failed in his duty by not taking the time to read the defence in full and solely basing his 'judgement' on the belief that it was the plaintiff who had conformed to the 'letter of the law' in their claim and simply stated that he: "Found for the NMC." 

39 - Magistrate Pearce did himself and others an INJUSTICE by failing to understand the true nature and implications of the case prior to 'judging' it.

40 - Magistrate Pearce failed to see that in 'allowing' the case 'for' the Plaintiff that it would facilitate the ongoing persecution and imposition of mental and emotional trauma, physical stress and loss and deprivation to the defendant.

41 - Since from the above it is obvious that this hearing was a farce to cover the pre-determined outcome, it is important for all to understand both the legal and spiritual implication of what occurred in this matter.

42 - Magistrate Pearce failed to absorb the legal implications contained within the defence due to his failure to read the document presented to him in full. The failure to do so results in the Magistrate placing his own soul within the punitive aspect of God's One Law: "As you sow so shall ye reap."

43 - Magistrate Pearce also fails to see that he is in fact inciting civil unrest amongst members of the community due to his own conscious 'conscience' decision to disobey his supreme commander.

~ The spiritual reality ~

It needs to be clearly understood by the 'reader' of this judgement that living the practice of ones belief is ones RELIGION. The proof of ones religion is our daily interaction with others for all to see, be it peaceful, benign, merciful & forgiving or intrusive, malignant , unforgiving & punitive.

The LIGHT of God rules the mind of Ken Atherton and is his conscience, and his conscience is the basis of his religious ideological belief. It needs be understood that any person or official imposing their belief backed by force of arms, control, coercion, punishment etc., is a person either with their conscience backed by the DARK Devil or, they have set aside their conscience for their 'wage' (30 pieces of silver) and, their daily interaction with others (Religious ideology) is 'governed' by rules/laws/acts in a book of TEXT.

 Let it be clearly understood that you cannot exercise your conscience when your 'boss' is the dictatorial TEXT in a book because the TEXT is unconscionable and is what forces man serving IT the text to defy God and become merciless, unforgiving, cruel and destructive.

Let it be clearly understood that when kings, chiefs, 'mandarins' or politicians invoke 'statutes' having punitive 'decrees' attached which send forth their/your 'servants' the armed police force to arrest and imprison people, thereby setting these 'unfortunates' upon the trail of TORTURE & TEARS, that the Just outcome is as follows, - - -

Demonic forces in dark spiritual wastelands below do know, and they then gather around and sharpen their 'spears' in readiness for THE DAY when you come their way in the after life, and they for sure will make you endure the 'Justice' of TORTURE & TEARS as you 'pay up' your spiritual dues.

Man may 'judge' man ONLY within the precepts of the 'Offender document' in that 'we' must only judge another as being in error and thus in need of educational correction and enlightenment. The moment 'we' impose punishment then we are 'playing' God and we suffer within God's immutable LAW: "As you do unto others will by others be done unto you."

The mortal man named Magistrate Robert Pearce was used by the Dark Sovereign Power (God) to mete out 'Karmic retribution' against the defendant K. A. Whatever Ken or his family suffered in the past, or present or future at the hands of Council officials be it mental, emotional or material, is the fulfillment of the punitive aspect of God's divine Law in ACTION via the arrogant and ignorant and, - - -

As this 'agony' or loss was imposed by mortal men/women it follows that ahead, they will suffer the same in this world or the next and, - - - it also follows that as Mrs. Bricknell was/is the instigator of said punishment/extortion/loss that she is also complicit and will suffer the same and, - - -

It follows that IF she now 'proceeds' against the Atherton family as 'directed' by the Magistrate and evicts or sells or takes any 'objects' to satisfy payment of alleged debt, then she also will suffer the same travail and loss within God's Law and, - - -

All members of the local NMC electorate who condone, support, or fund the Council are also complicit to a 'degree' and will share all 'past & present & ongoing' mental, emotional trauma and loss suffered by the defendant K. Atherton and his family. I can but 'suggest' that Mrs. Bricknell consider her personal position and withdraw all 'charges' against the Atherton family because only thus will she 'mitigate' her own trauma to be.

Let it be clearly understood that any person or 'council of elders' or 'judge' continuing to raise their 'voice' or 'pen' or 'hand' punitively against K. A. the defendant or ANY other will by their own deeded defiance of God cast their own soul into the 'Pit of oblivion' for an eternally long agonising time.

It is obvious that Magistrates continue to flout their power by ignoring the Constitutional rights granted to all God's children. It is obvious to me and 'follows' that this is taking place because the minds of Magistrates are being controlled by invisible Dark forces who are using them to mete out retribution to those who in their past have themselves contravened God's Command in some way, in a manner that has probably got naught to do with the 'case' at hand.

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

This applies whether you are a mandated 'official,' Magistrate, judge or poor 'citizen' because none can 'void' nor avoid the implementation of God's Law. The Law of God is 'Just' and IT is absolute Justice in action forevermore.

"As you sow so shall ye reap on an 'equal' and thus 'eye for an eye' measure"

BE 'loving, peaceful, kind, compassionate, forgiving and giving' and this will be your 'return' forevermore.

I 'suggest' that Magistrate Pearce either resign his 'commission' and amend his ways or he changes 'tack' and helps me implement the 'Feeling Easier' Seminars to educate offenders. Soon God's retributive forces will be knocking at the doors of every person that has been or yet is defiant of God's Command:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Let it be clearly understood by EVERY reader of this document that we are now in the prophesied END days. Given this time it is incumbent upon people to understand that any person found by God to be continuing in their ways in NON-conformity to His "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command, do, whether through their own arrogance or ignorance, cast their own soul into the Abyss.

Let it be clearly understood, God's 'Will' shall be done - do IT or 'die' spiritually.

Magistrate Pearce needs to understand that IF he has the capacity to change his ways NOW and he educates and enlightens himself using my God given wisdom on my web site that his 'agony' to be will have a 'finite' release date but, if he cannot or does not then ahead when he is being mercilessly persecuted he will keep retaliating and thus is his destiny bleak with ongoing eternally long trauma.

It needs to be understood that the 'finding' of the Magistrate in 'favour' of the NM Council is simply the 'permit' authorising them to do whatever they wish to, and this means that they can evict and thus dispossess the Atherton family of their 'Freehold Title' home using the 'armed forces' of State as coercive back up.

Both God and I 'await' to see 'who' having read this 'enlightening' document is going to be THE ONE to arrogantly put their 'foot' into the Devil's unbreakable snare by placing their 'signature' upon the 'claim' in authorising either the eviction, the auction, the dispossession or the seizure of items belonging to the Atherton family.

~ The conscience of man & civil unrest ~

Every child of God has their own unique conscience which has formed over time and at 'times' is overridden by one or more factors. Generally the factors are dependant upon what the person is feeling (emotionally) and the situation responsible for that emotion, be it happy or confrontational or controlling or intrusive to their affairs. Their response is then dictated by the foremost or most powerful thoughts arising in their mind, some of which can and often do negate their conscious belief in peace and they strike out verbally or physically through fear or anger etc.

There are some people who take a mercenary wage as they are paid the 'King's shilling' to work for HIM, often at the cost of setting aside their own conscience (religious ideological belief) in order for them to fulfill their daily 'orders' as given within the TEXT books of regulatory & punitive codes of conduct. These codes consist of laws/edicts/acts/rules that must be obeyed by officials even if said texts are in conflict with either their personal views or the conduct commanded by their Creator.

Other than that there are some who do have a 'belief' forming their conscience but their minds are not under their own control but instead are being controlled telepathically from far away and used by dark spirit forces. (Spirit possession) These demonic forces are 'hidden' from the view of most mortals but this does not mean that they do not exist. 

The reality of the existence of this spirit intrusion into the minds of individuals explains why a man such as Magistrate Pearce, being a man who is obviously cognisant of some of the Laws he is sworn to uphold, so easily failed in his duty to his 'shilling,' his society and his own self and, his error of ruling has the capacity to also incite civil unrest in some people.

Mr. Kenneth Atherton is a very strong man with regards to the Word of God, and no 'circumstance' would result in his conscience being 'disturbed,' for he would simply respond as a being of Light and therefore mercifully extend his love and compassion and forgiveness and do his best to elevate the consciousness of those that cause him harm but, - - -

There are many others here, there, and everywhere whose minds are 'open' to the Dark forces below and these dark spirit forces will NEVER forget that 'someone' for whatever reason caused them harm, and ahead, they become restless and they then disturb the peace of the land via the mind of mortal man, and the consequence of that is that civil unrest is then seen here, there and everywhere, that is now the 'fate' of this planet to be for a time and a time.

How do these spirit forces access the mind of mortal man? It is via the 'Sin' within man (Sin being the negative emotions of anger, arrogance, vanity, fear etc.) It is they via the mind of mortal man that impose retribution upon those in the flesh that erred in their past, and foolish indeed are those that impose the 'Justice' aspect of said punishment because, at that very moment, everyone complicit, place their own soul squarely within the punitive aspect of God's immutable Law: "As you did unto others will now be done unto you."

The control over the mind of mortal man is called 'Minds under Siege' that leads to irrational thought processes = insanity = error of judgement in ones actions, being actions that justified activity in defiance of God. (Refer link below)

For so long now has man been controlled and misdirected that few are able to exercise their conscience because they know that if they do, then they will suffer at the hands of others who are of the FALSE religious doctrinal belief that: "It is they who have the divine right to be obeyed."

Everyone 'does' what they do in the assumption that it is their RIGHT to so do, especially those of the political arena, police, jailors and judiciary, for it is these who are mandated and 'licensed' to be virtuously 'self-righteous' and punitive, and what everyone needs to understand is, that every activity that is by God found to be in conflict with the precepts of His "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" Command is a person who is ON the wide road to Hell and eternal suffering.

~ The indictment of God against the man Robert Pearce as delivered per the mind and hand of Judge Terence ~

This is I the man to now judge man by bringing forth God's "Edict" being God's indictment against man who did his own soul "smudge" with deepening sin as he turned away from God's Light that was in his soul within. The indictment does read:

"You did seed evil by your personal actions against mankind.
You did thus bind your own soul over to the Devil who was the one who inspired you to others abuse.
You did thus lose your freedom to walk as a free spirit.

You thus are now to receive your "Just" punishment as foretold by ME your God of Isaac and Abraham.
You all now will be cast into the Lions pit where you will be incarcerated for a time and a "bit."
You will also be mauled and will suffer pain until you have paid your full due.

You will also by the darkness be "incited" to retaliate. If you do retaliate from the arrogance of your sin within then your "jailer" ME, the invisible God you cannot see will bind you for an eternity or two.

You by ME your God are now "reduced" to less than human until you not only pay your dues but also heed my dove who on earth does plod.

You by ME are also now further warned that any of you who scheme or plot to bring others down will for sure forsake your own soul and will suffer a painful fate both night and night for there is only darkness below where all do fight.

I your God have spoken today and it is today that the forces of darkness are unleashed to make you all pay for your wickedness.
Be advised that the WORD "forgiveness by me" does not exist in Me, that is a word inspired by the deceiver you cannot see.

I always say: "YOU must forgive your enemy if in heaven you would live."

Heed now the dove who on earth does my wisdom and truth give. He will tell you how to pray so that you as he can stand calm when lions come your way.

MY indictment has been given to you by my judge who is eternally true, and his WORD now spoken cannot by any million trillion men be broken."


Woe and more woe upon the arrogant - so be it - we all have the freedom of choice to heed or deny God.

Let all 'believers now join me at my 'table' and show God that His Truth via my pen is also theirs as they bow to their Creator.

There is no 'Kingdom come' of fun and joy and happiness for anyone that defies their God of Love.

So sayeth His/Her dove.

Signed: Terence

Judge Terence Malaher
Constitutional & Spiritual Consultant
Lalapanzi spiritual healing centre
Pyengana - Tasmania 7216

Added note to community members who do NOT wish to accrue any painful karmic spiritual 'dues' to God resulting from actions carried out in their name and on their behalf. This also applies to persons of the world;

This letter needs be sent out by NMC residents to Council addressed to Mayor, Councillors & office staff:

Dear Sir/Madam, it has come to my attention that a Court Action has been taken against a community member and his family and, it was instigated using my name (Individuals on the Electoral roll of the NMC) without my knowledge nor consent and was thus based on a LIE and, I hereby state that I cannot condone it nor support it. Please therefore do not use my name again in this action nor any other punitive action you take against people in our community.
Brief summation of Court time sequences.

2.16 - Starts
2.19.18 Witness called.
2.25 Verification of rate documents completed.

2.27 Council business records tended and examined.
2.30 Magistrate addresses witness on accounting
2.34 Ken asked to question witness

2.37 Kens questions finish.
21.37.26 Evidence finished.
2.39 Copy of defence submission handed to Magistrate.

2.46 Reading of defence finished and Magistrate questions lawyer re their claim.
2.52 Magistrate sums up.
2. 55 Magistrate comments on K. A. defence and sums up the 'case' - Verbatim transcript.

The verbatim summing up by Magistrate Pearce taken from the CD records:

Mr. Atherton's defence is based on the assertion that the levying of rates upon him is an infringement of his fundamental right to religious freedom. Indeed he asked questions of Mrs. Bricknell in cross examination seeking to establish that he has made contributions to the municipality, or attempted to make such contributions in other respects, that his actions in all of those respects have been peaceful.

He is not charged with any offence, his defence refers to being not guilty or such a concept doesn't arise in this case.

This is simply a claim for a monetary sum under the Local Government Act levied I found under the Local Government Act.

Mr. Atherton does of course have the right of religious freedom as he correctly points out in his submission is a fundamental right of all citizens of Australia.

But as a citizen of Australia, as a resident of Tasmania and a land owner in the municipality of the NMC, he has never the less, an obligation to comply with the legal obligations lawfully imposed on him by the State of Tasmania and by indeed, the Commonwealth.

The obligation to pay rates which is imposed under the Local government Act does not, in my view, infringe on his freedom of religion and the matters raised in his submission do not give rise to a defence to a claim for rates made under the Local Government Act.

I have no doubt that Mr. Atherton is genuine in his view. I make no criticism of him for his view. He is entitled to and free to hold whatever religious views that he wishes to hold, but in my view, the right to do so is not infringed by the obligation to pay rates under the Local Government Act.

For all of those reasons there will be judgment for the claimant against the defendant for the sum of -

 In the 'New Age' to be there will be no institutions that make demands upon anyone nor who impose their own requirements forcefully. There will only be community 'Service Providers' who offer their services, and customers will be free to choose with whom they wish to receive services from and they will agree to the required costs etc., before making any 'contractual' arrangements


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